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Classic Tracker for Classic Jaguar

Looking specifically for a tracker for your Classic Jaguar?


Whether it's for an E Type, XK120, XK140, XK150, MkII or otherwise, we have both a solution and a partner for you. 

A great deal of our trackers are installed into Classic Jaguar cars. We protect a good number of Series I/II & III E types Jaguars, plus XKs and Mk II Jaguars. Many are installed into Classic Jaguars by the owners themselves, or by our trusted network of Classic Jaguar specialists; such as Twyford Moors, Clayton Classics. Alternatively our network of local installers are a useful resource.

We support the excellent work of both the XK and E Type Owners Clubs, though participation at their events as well as membership discounts on selected Classic Tracker bundles

We offer three service levels ranging from simple SMS-text based alerting only, to full interaction with the police in the event your vehicle is stolen. All three service options are available with either variant of Classic Tracker; detailed here and both identically priced.

Please contact us with any questions on the protection of your Classic Jaguar.